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I think Amplify is a great non stim option. The flavor is on point (especially when you are sick of sweet pre-workout flavors). The pump lasts the entire workout and then some. I would highly recommend any of the Cutler Nutrition supplements to anyone I'm with.

"I have been lifting weights for over 20yrs and have tried many high stim pre work out supplements, and I have yet to come across a pre workout this good and effective. Other pre work outs I’ve taken have either made me itchy, anxiety ridden, or high peak first 20min then wears off.. I absolutely love this product, taste is great, get a great burts of energy w/o the jitters, nice pump, and great focus! So good I bought all 3 flavors, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be cotton candy apple. Overall great product! Customer for life.”

"I'm 43 and was a gym rat in my 20s and up through 35. I went through the motions for a couple of years and when COVID hit I got into a big rut, rarely working out. It took me a while to get into the gym and after watching some of Jay's videos, I trusted his product line to try out. This test booster has been fantastic as well as Prevail, Creatine, and Amplify. This has literally transformed my body and workouts. It has given me the boost I needed to become a mainstay in the gym once again. Every product I have tested has been great tasting and very affective!" - Brett H.

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Add pump to your workout with Jay Cutler’s pre workout! Packed with premium ingredients, Cutler’s Pre Workout products ensure you crush every training session, smashing through plateaus and hitting your muscle-building goals faster.

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Power through barriers and keep your endurance on full blast. Feel the power of Cutler’s strength and endurance support, your go-to for epic gains and endless endurance. Transform your routine today and join the crew who trust Cutler’s for unmatched strength and long-lasting performance on their fitness journey. Designed by the legend Jay Cutler and packed with premium ingredients, Cutler’s formula ensures you dominate every training session. Don’t just train—excel with Cutler’s strength and endurance support products!

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Shred through obstacles and keep your metabolism in high gear with Cutler’s Weight Loss Support. If weight loss and toning are your goals, this is the supplement for you! Packed with premium ingredients to ensure effective fat burning and sustained energy, Cutler’s Weight Loss Products can take your workout routine to the next level. Designed by legendary bodybuilder Jay Cutler, our weight loss support supplement helps you maximize every training session. Don’t just work out—torch fat, boost your metabolism, and achieve your fitness goals with Cutler’s Weight Loss Support!