• 1. to gain a victory; be victorious; win.
  • 2. to gain mastery; prevail.
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Whether you want to be the strongest guy in the gym or take your physique to the highest possible level, every training session is a battle that you need to win. Do you know what separates the guys who make true progress versus the guys who look the same year after year? The guys making consistent progress not only win each session, they flat-out dominate.


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To help you dominate, we have crafted a premium grade natural testosterone booster. TRIUMPH is the leading testosterone booster that not only supports healthy natural testosterone levels, but also helps you improve your training ability, and capacity, by supporting increased strength, stamina, and lean muscle mass.

Whereas most test booster products are under-dosed, unreliable, or feature the same ingredients that haven’t been shown to positively support natural testosterone levels (arginine anyone?), TRIUMPH bucks the trend and stands taller than the rest, featuring seven ingredients all shown to help support natural testosterone levels. Ingredients such as the clinically researched KSM-66® Ashwagandha Extract, Boron Citrate, and Zinc monomethionine all play a role in optimizing your body’s natural and free testosterone levels, helping you build muscle, improve strength and increase stamina.


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Through its testosterone boosting mechanisms, TRIUMPH also supports an increased libido and overall well-being, helping you dominate the day. The increase in drive, vigor and vitality puts you in the right mindset to crush your training sessions. Taking it a step further, TRIUMPH also features Diindolylmethane (DIM) to help normalize and control healthy estrogen levels. Proper estrogen control is crucial to getting that coveted “look” we all want: hard and defined - not soft and bloated. Every training session is a competition against yourself, and you need to win every session to reach the your absolute pinnacle.

The Jay Cutler Promise:

We’re so confident that TRIUMPH will help boost your testosterone that I’m willing to put MY money behind it. You have nothing to lose...except those low testosterone levels that are holding you back!


“I’ve been cycling this for 2 months on and off as per directions for the past 10 months and I’ve noticed much more definition in my physique! Thank you Jay!”

“Test boost was the best thing i’ve done for myself. More energy, more strength, and my girl has never been happier. (if you know what I mean)...”

“I Feel fuller and better each and every day. I’m amazed by what changes I’ve seen each day. I’m in a much better place now that I can work 10+ hours and still drive home to workout.”

“I’ve noticed better sleep, lots more energy, and even better focus! Loving triumph after a few months. Just a great product!.”

“I’m really noticing the new found energy and especially the pump during lifting after only a month. I have to keep my health up and current bloodwork shows only positive results. highly recommended.”

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