the goal

tunnel vision focus

One of the best feelings in the world is finishing a workout where you leave absolutely nothing in the tank.

Being able to push yourself through rigorous training sessions requires an incredible amount of passion, dedication, and focus.


The first one comes naturally: you're either passionate about improving your physique or performance, or you're not.


The second one comes with a concentrated choice. You're either dedicated, or you're not.


The third one, focus, is a little bit harder to dial in.

Get your mind right

Prevail was scientifically crafted and formulated to stand apart from the crowd when it comes to pre-workout energy supplements, giving you the edge to go above and beyond your limits by honing in on one key feature: Focus.

Want high amounts of stimulants in a proprietary blend or a “crack” powder? Keep looking, because you’re not finding that here.

Prevail differs by not succumbing to the inferior strategy that other pre-workouts take by loading you up on caffeine and other stimulants at ridiculous dosages that either make your heart race or put in a cold sweat before you even make it out of your car.

Rather, Prevail features a unique blend of stimulants and nootropics at researched doses for controlled energy and maximum focus providing a neurosensory experience you have never experienced before in a pre-workout.

Take Prevail thirty minutes before you workout and experience an entirely new way of training.

The Magic

That goes into every scoop

Zero Dyes
Full Disclosure Formula
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Unbeatable Taste

A monster 750 mg dose of this cholinergic ingredient provides unparalleled focus to get you dialed in to dominate the task at hand by increasing brain levels of acetylcholine. When coupled with caffeine, Alpha-GPC has been shown to increase levels of attention and reaction time.


L-Citrulline has been shown in research to reduce fatigue and improved endurance for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. It makes getting the necessary volume in to grow, easy.


A patented form of coffee fruit extract, Neurofactor™ supports increased focus and mental alertness, helping you get through the toughest workouts. The synergy with Alpha-GPC makes tunnel-vision focus in Prevail apparent from the start.


The “feel-good” neurotransmitter from dark cocoa, Theobromine brings an uplifting mood and sense of focus that makes you enjoy training.

Huperzine A

Huperzine-A is a cognitive enhancer that inhibits an enzyme that degrades acetylcholine; making the Choline Bitartrate found in Prevail even more powerful.

Caffeine Anhydrous

A blend of caffeine anhydrous with dicaffeine malate creates immediate energy. The inclusion of dicaffeine malate effectively weakens the post-ingestion caffeine crash and helps mitigate any potential stomach distress.

great science

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The Jay Cutler Promise:

We’re so confident that Prevail will give you your best workout yet that I’m willing to put MY money behind it. You have nothing to lose… except those low-energy workouts that are holding you back.


“Would highly recommend to all my clients…energy boost, clarity and focus…no jitters.”

“This is now my go to pre workout. Has a great taste and give you a massive amount of energy and focus during your entire workout. From the first pump to the last 15 minutes of cardio. This prework give you the kick you need.”

“This is the BEST tasting pre workout powder ever!!! Mr.Cutler nailed it and then nailed it again. Works really well too. I'll for sure be recommending this product to anybody that works out..AAA+++”

“I am very sensitive to stims and it's so difficult to find any preworkout without them. So I tried this out. I got insane pumps even when carbs were low. I got better pumps on this than stim preworkout I've used in the past. I hadn't used a preworkout in months. I trained back my first day on Amplify and felt my back more pumped than ever.”

“Wow, prepare for Liftoff! The added Rocket Fuel in this 2.0 gives me the much need shove into my workouts on this gym days where I need that extra little push. Another Amazing upgrade to an already impeccable line of Cutler Products 💪🏽”

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