• 1. to make larger, greater, or stronger; enlarge.

We all remember our first time we felt the glorified “pump.” The state where every muscle contraction felt just right, and
every rep was appreciated until it just became too much, and you simply couldn’t do more. Your muscles are full,
vascularity is in full-effect, and you look like an absolute beast.

AMPLIFY WAS the cutting-edge stimulant-free pre-workout that features a cunning blend of nitric oxide enhancing
ingredients, cellular hydration aids, and electrolytes to improve every workout.

AMPLIFY 2.0 takes Amplify's world class formula and reviews and improves the formula all thanks to a newcomer: NO3-T™ Arginine Nitrate. By increasing nitric oxide production and hyper hydrating the muscle, your body enters a state of increased cellular volumnization of the muscle cell. This increase in cellular volumnization coupled with increased blood flow from NO3-T™ Arginine Nitrate creates skin-tearing muscle pumps and vascularity that will catch anyone's eyes.

what to expect

with amplify 2.0

One of the best feelings in the world is finishing a workout where you leave absolutely nothing in the tank. Being able to push yourself through rigorous training sessions requires an incredible amount of passion, dedication, and focus.

increase vasodilation*

support endurance*

improve performance*

The Magic

That goes into every scoop


How we got there

NO3-T™ Arginine Nitrate

Nitrates are by far the most effective NO/pump ingredient available for use in dietary supplements. Their secondary effect on performance (extending time to exhaustion, increasing recovery, etc) is also at the top of the list of any legal performance enhancing ingredients used in sports. nutrition products, and nitrates overwhelming positive effect on general health cannot be overlooked.


Every pre-workout needs some muscle pumps and enhanced endurance, and with 4g of L-Citrulline you get that and then some. L-Citrulline is one of the best nitric oxide boosting ingredients out there.¹


One of the more underappreciated ingredients out there, Coconut Water Powder helps further increase hydration and helps eliminate cramping while training.

Center Center


Get your mind right

Ask any serious athlete and they will all attest to how important proper mineral balance and electrolytes are to improving your performance while you train. This is why AMPLIFY 2.0 also contains added electrolytes in the form of magnesium, potassium and sodium from pink Himalayan sea salt.

This focus on proper muscle hydration and cellular volumnization makes AMPLIFY 2.0 the perfect pre-workout addition to help improve strength and lean mass. A more hydrated and “full” muscle is a healthier muscle, and with improved blood flow for improved nutrient delivery, your muscles are like a sponge to whatever nutrients you throw at it.

The best part: AMPLIFY 2.0 is caffeine and stimulant-free. Specifically formulated to be the most versatile stimulant-free pre-workout supplement on the market, AMPLIFY 2.0 by itself can be a premium nitric oxide pump powder or can be stacked with your stimulant-based pre-workout of choice, such as Cutler Nutrition’s focus driven PREVAIL™.

long live the pump!

All the focus & muscle hydration WITHOUT any stimulants or caffeine.

The Jay Cutler Promise:

We’re so confident that Amplify 2.0 will give you your best workout yet that I’m willing to put MY money behind it. You have nothing to lose… except those low-energy workouts that are holding you back.

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